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What I Do

Michele Reinert Photography specializes in pet photography.  We will photograph your pet either at your home or on location.  We want to capture images that speak to your pets personality and their connection with you.  After a photography session, we will sit down with you and personally go over image selection.  Different collections are available whether you are looking to create a dynamic wall statement or a photo album.  

why pet photography?​​

​​​A few years ago while dog sitting for a friend of mine, I pulled out the camera and started taking photographs.  Hoss was content to play while I clicked the shutter away that afternoon.  Afterward I decided to take the photo's and put them into a little album as a gift.  The day I gifted Leah with the album she broke the news that Hoss had passed on.  We spent hours in tears going through the album.  Afterwards I thought about how I had wished to have more photos of my own dog Chilie when she passed away.  Not just more photos but good quality photos.  I truly believe that pets are not just companions, they are family.  They grace our lives for so short a time, but their impact on our life is forever.  That is why I want to be a pet photographer.